The SM² Network is a peer to peer, decentralised internet.

Our network is powered by SM² Coin. It combines multiple services such as storage, computation and payments, which are all needed for a new, better internet. By combining all these services on a single platform, we create a solid network that does not depend on any third parties to function.



SM² Network is a decentralised internet. Compared to traditional (centralised) cloud services, SM² Network is controlled by no one, and will exist for as long as there are nodes in the network. Everyone can participate and share the platform's revenues.


With SM² Network, your privacy is ensured via encryption. Others can only see data that you want them to see.


There exist no trusted parties in SM² Network, every action is verifiable. This way, you can be sure that everything is proper.


SM² Network is designed to be as energy-efficient as possible, for two reasons:

  • The smallest possible ecological impact is achieved, protecting the environment.
  • Low energy consumption allows for more competitive service prices.
SM² Network is designed to run on low-power devices, such as Raspberry Pis and Cubietrucks, instead of consumer grade PCs, making sure you and the environment can afford to mine SM² Coin.


In June 2018, we released our initial whitepaper describing the platform. The whitepaper is directed towards potential users and investors that do not have a scientific background.

A very technical yellowpaper will be released as soon as we are finished with working out all the details. The yellowpaper is directed towards potential investors, users and blockchain developers that have an intermediate understanding in computer science and cryptography. Every aspect of the platform is described in detail and the implementation of the software will be compliant with the yellowpaper.

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For more information on our network's services, click here. For information on our team and on how to contribute, click here. For our whitepaper, click here.