The SM² Network is a peer to peer, decentralised internet.

Our network is powered by SM² Coin. It combines multiple services such as storage, computation and payments, which are all needed for a new, better internet. By combining all these services on a single platform, we create a solid network that does not depend on any third parties to function.


Initial whitepaper and roadmap released

June 13th, 2018

We are very pleased to announce that we finally released our whitepaper! In the whitepaper, you can read a high-level description of our system. Not all details and formulas are worked out yet, but we will get there eventually.

We also released our roadmap, which can be found in the whitepaper and here on our website.

IoP Meetup in June in Berlin, Whitepaper

May 28th, 2018

We will attend the IoP Meetup in June (16th/17th) in Berlin, where we have a speech slot and a table. Our CTO, Steffen, will be in charge of the table so you can come to him to ask or discuss about the platform. We will work hard in the following weeks to get our whitepaper finished before the meetup, so things are finally getting interesting!